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BeaverCraft offers you wood carving tools and by WoodCarvingTools

I am very pleased with everything I bought from them. I bought 4 different spoon knives and they all arrived shaving sharp and polished. I haven’t used the long handled kuksa knives yet but the others have all held their edge well. The spoon knife strop and sharpener is a clever design. I tried it briefly on a cheaper knife and had some success.

S05 – Geometric Wood Carving Knives Set

figurines carving, cutting out chess pieces and other projects. This set of wood carving knives will make a great gift for someone who is very interested in wood carving. This wood carving knife set consists of a whittling knife, small carving knife, a detail knife and a beveled knife.

During the time of sloyd’s invention and introduction in rural Sweden, nearly every boy growing up on a farm was already experienced in the use of the knife and knew how to use it without endangering himself or others.[citation needed] Starting with the known and moving toward the unknown was a crucial element of Salomon’s theory. He also believed that beauty of form was more readily available through the use of the knife. A whittling knife is a knife that you use to carve raw wood into certain shapes; usually in a time-consuming, non-artistic process of repeatedly shaving slivers from a piece of wood. The Tri-Jack Pro features three blades that lock in place – a roughing blade, a detailing blade, and a mini-cutting blade.

To start with, we’ve been looking for high-quality woodcarving tools for quite some time. The situation didn’t fit our needs at all, either the products were too expensive and the quality was low or it was the complete opposite, we hit on the great quality items for the huge price.

beavercraft knives

It is designed with a straight cutting edge with the back of the blade dropping down a point at the knife’s edge. These types of whittling knives are made in various lengths and thickness to give wood carvers many options to choose from. The will also vary slightly in shape and are commonly found in the two classes below. This double edge tool is the best spoon carving knife for smooth concave cuts. A high carbon steel blade with an internal radius of 0.6 inches is hard to argue against.

I bought them from Deepwoods Ventures, as the wait wasn’t as long as for Pinewood Forge. Good polished blades that cut great.

Spoon/Hook Knife

Flexcut has packed a detail Knife, straight gouge, chisel, v-scorp, gouge scorp and hook knife. in this pocket multi-tool. If you find it a bit bulky for the pocket it includes a belt pouch as well and even includes a custom strop for edge maintenance. Morakniv knives are well known by wood carvers as this Swedish knife manufacturer has made quality knives for over a century. These wood carving knives have traditional tapered blade style made of laminated carbon steel and perform like a dream.

  • Flexcut Carving Tools are made in Pennsylvania of high quality spring steel – they’re thin, barely a 16th inch thick, completely flat and razor sharp with a mirror finish.
  • A detail knife is obviously going to be shorter and finer than a basic whittling knife, because it is used to fit into shallow or deep crevices to bring detail (duh) to your wooden piece.
  • Much like the Morokniv carving knife above, this is one of the best hook knives available to spoon and bowl carvers.
  • It also comes with a wider angle on its blade than the previous model, which leads to faster cuts, making it a better choice for projects larger than spoons, such as bowls.
  • The set for woodcarving has a large whittling knife, thin delicate knife, sculpting general knife and hook knife.
  • Don’t get caught up in manufacturer’s marketing of stainless steel knives as having a harder blade that maintains a sharper edge is far superior to one that resists corrosion.

Hook knives make spoon carving a fast and easy task and can even make it more fun. The internet is supposed to do the same thing for shopping, but it doesn’t always live up to those expectations. We all know the pain of getting a product we don’t like, and misleading product descriptions written beavercraft knives by advertising executives can make it hard to get a good feel for what we’re buying. The best spoon carving knife is going to have a lower radius which is best for carving a smaller surface area (the knife on top). This is about as straightforward as you can get with a spoon carving knife.

I watched the videos. From what I can see, the tools are not exactly whittler friendly. Blades a bit too long, the handles a bit too short. They kinda look like knockoffs to me. The blade’s edge might be suitable to start with, but how long do they hold their edge.

This is a worthy woodcraft knife and makes a great addition to any woodsman’s kit. If you want a hook knife for spoon carving or detailed wood carving Morakniv is a good option. The Morakniv Wood Carving 164 is a hook blade Knife for detailed wood carving.

I finally quit volunteering to fix them because I ended up with more time and money in them than the guy that bought them, and they were still bad tools! I recently bought some Helvie economy model knives for beginners to use. They are $27 and available in a variety of handle styles, and blade lengths and styles. And they cut great right out of the box and only need stropping to remain that way. I was looking for some additional spoon knives to go with my Pinewood Forge knife, but I decided to skip these and just purchased some blades to mount in my own handles.

It is truly a must. Let alone that carving with dull blades is super dangerous as even the best wood carving knife when blunt may do you harm, it is also very unpleasant as you will not be able to carve the way you intended to.

The two terms can really be used interchangeably but “whittling” specifically refers to wood carving with a knife whereas “wood carving” is a more broad term that includes both knives and other tools of wood carving like gouges, chisels, and more. Like most folks who decide to invest in a decent whittling knife or even a complete set of whittling knives, I had been whittling casually for years. Ever since my days as a Boy Scout, I can recall sitting around the campfire at the end of the day carving sticks and larger wood pieces into various designs like spears and small animals. You know how whittling knives have length dimensions?

I think with some time and practice it will make the very difficult task of sharpening curved blades much easier. Educational sloyd as practiced in Sweden started with the use of the knife. The knife was controversial when sloyd was first introduced in the UK. Educators in London and the other cities of the UK could hardly imagine putting knives in the hands of the juveniles.

beavercraft knives

KN50 Sloyd Knife

You will find that just about all blades meant for carving wood are made of carbon steel. Sure you can find knife blades in various other materials like titanium, stainless steel, and various other steel alloys, but as a general rule you should always seek out high carbon steel whittling knives. A sheepsfoot knife is a blade design for what most people commonly refer to as a wood carving knife.

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